Monday, August 13, 2012


My favorite job in the world has always that of a mom. Raising our kids, teaching them, being with them. A TREASURE! And it still is!
That all time favorite occupation may have been replaced with this Oma thing.....
We just finished 5 weeks of wonderful time having our grand babies visit. 
(Their parents came too!) Marisa was here for over 3 weeks, 
and it was very fun watching her develop even in that short time 
and show her personality a bit! 
She's a girl with spunk, even at 3 months old! 
"Hello people! I want something and I want it now please!"
It kind of reminds Greg and me of her mama as a baby:)
I DID get to hold my grand babies! Marisa and I snuggled a little....when she was asleep!
Not as much as I would have liked, but some is good, for sure!

It was also fun having Oly the horse visit in our little barn. He liked the walks we took him on with the Milnes 2 and our 2 dogs and the baby...quite a sight, I'm sure. It was a little early after a 6 month vacation from being ridden, to try that out on our hills and Central OR spaces.

Mike and Alyssa's baby Hannah, now 10 weeks old, is precious!!!!!!! She is the most smiley baby we've every seen. As soon as she'd catch our eyes, even in the middle of a fuss, out would break her smile and cooing. Alyssa said she thinks Hannah is apt to be social like her Daddy:) Somehow we didn't get a single picture of her while here. Guess we were too raptured by our conversations with her, miss blonde hair and blue eyed girl!              
So apparently I need to update our toy selection from infant to toddler toys! At 19 months, Grace was great at finding something to do..........
the box of baking soda and bulk cinnamon bag were fun as well:)
She also loved going in her pool with her daddy......
that is, the jacuzzi we turned down to 80 degrees!

We went to a local alpaca farm. It sounds dorky, but with the hundreds of well trimmed alpacas and their babies on this property, it was really cool. When they saw Grace, they gathered at the fence. Or maybe it was the stroller they were curious about or Hannah covered by a blanket in the front pack on Alyssa. Anyway, it was fun to be greeted by those interesting creatures.
And isn't it funny that what was most fun for Grace at the farm, 
was a gate she could open and close! Love it!
 And now I'm going to sleep for a week. Maybe two! 
It was so so fun. This Oma has a heart bursting with joy!