Wednesday, January 9, 2013

IT'S TIME.....

It's time for a new blog theme! This health issue is so worn out! It's boring and old news focusing on it. So I'm pondering before the Lord what He wants me to spend time writing (and a few of you time reading). I'll get back to you soon.....

Christmas family pictures are on Mike's computer. We had a great time and the babies are so so adorable. I was swept away with Grace's sweet "Oma" callings from her playnpack in my office next to our bedroom. So precious, even at that one 4:30 am calling! We had such a good time.
Until I get the newer ones, this precious daddy-daughter picture from earlier in December will have to suffice for the Burge family! Grace turned 2 last week and Hannah is heading towards 8 months old already. So fun!
Michelle caught this picture after Marisa "opened" her tickle-me-elmo gift from her east coast grandpa! She's a bouncing, scooting cutie-pie for sure!

I continue to feel pretty good. I'm so so grateful! I have my 3rd infusion this Friday and am anticipating good results. My dr. is glad and hoped I'd be where I am at this point, with another 6 months of tweaking the medicine amount and frequency to get me to the best I can be....hopefully remission? I can hope. He says I've got "the real deal," with how aggressive the disease is. I'm grateful to be able to walk and hike again, to use my hands and shoulders and body much more normally, even if I have to have wrist braces on here and there to prevent zinging myself. It's a joy to have people visit and be present (come! Just call!). I'm getting better at this vegan cooking style and it's getting yummier and tastier. I'm on a learning curve and want to take some classes, which I can't find around Bend right now.

So, our Savior continues to be good, whether my prayers are answered my way or not (they weren't), whether things are turning out as I had hoped (not exactly) and whether the timing is mine with this disease (nope again). I love how Greg and I have both changed and grown and learned so much while living with suffering - it's a good yet wicked teacher. So many are or have or will be under it's tutelage. I'm thankful for the hope of an eternity of joy and peace, thankful that Jesus never left me alone, and look forward to God revealing His path for me of service to the suffering and struggling here on this earth.