Friday, December 16, 2011



Oh how I long to feel this to the core of my being. I need the Lord's strength, because I am weak!

I'm tired of going to bed at night, which I usually love to do, only to wake up every hour or two with intense pain in my shoulders, and now in my swelling knee. How I long for the Lord to come and heal me, to give me relief with the meds starting to work. When He told me prior to our move here that I would have pain here, I had no idea. Absolutely no idea. 

Lord, I give my body and my husband's to YOU as a living sacrifice. Again. This is not fun. I feel useless to "encourage, enlighten, and energize myself or others to live their God-given purpose." Sigh.........

Yet I will thank You....
-that I have the freedom to stay home and rest
-that my husband gently and kindly cares for me in the ways I need, day by day
-that we have a roof over our heads
-that the background of Your majestic mountains outside our windows makes me catch my breath each time
-for the delightful Christmas tree with lights Greg found today and put up
-for continual Pandora Christmas music coming through our speaker
-for Connie calling me today to say she is caring about me and praying for me - wow
-for the church prayer chain I humbly entered into with my request
-for our kids coming next week
-that the Lord knows what I need and where I am weak - He has this under control
-for the 2nd rheumatologist referral and appointment scheduled today
-for confirmation that I should continue for a few more days with the current meds
-that I can pray for Bethany, who's suffered from this type of thing for several years
-that the Lord, He is God, my Almighty, Compassionate, All-knowing, Kind Father

I don't like this at all Lord, but I am yours and You are good. You are in this. 

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