Sunday, October 7, 2012


I've been busy! For me that is. But how cool is that?!!

Shucking, cooking, and de-cobbing 48 ears of corn
Showering two dusty big dogs
Changing my sheets and all dog bedding
Walking a 45 minute river loop and getting a little cardio going
Lifting some 2 pound weights
Driving myself here and there and wherever I want to go
Going to Bible study weekly
Writing in my Bible study book
Helping with the K-1 age kiddos at church this morning
Continued coaching of a client of 8 weeks
Cleaned up my desk at home of numerous long-term little tasks
Researched deals on Craig's List to fill out my baby-stash for this coming December's family time
Several 20 minute dog walks
Loads and loads of laundry in the same day
And, thinking of last January's situation, I'm opening and shutting the curtains, arranging my bed pillows, drying my hair, getting dressed almost always without help

It's so funny to me and kind of wonderful how joyful doing mundane things can be, when the ability to do those tasks had been taken away. I won't know for another 4.5 months whether this drug will be effective enough for me to put me in remission or at least to a satisfactory state of function and pain reduction, but I can wait! (It is my choice:) I'm not out of the woods, but I'm seeing some clearings!

I'm so so grateful! Little did I know at the beginning of 2011 when I asked the Lord and set a vision to become a grateful-from-the-heart woman, what the Lord would use to help me in that process. And WHO He would use to comfort, encourage, come alongside, and cheer me.....YOU! Thank you dear dear friends! I love you!

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