Sunday, February 12, 2012


I really, really want to get as well as I can, as soon as I can. But my reasons are changing...

Our pastor preached a motivating sermon today about the gift of the talents the Lord has given each one of us. That the master in the story gave the talents, which were each equivalent to around 1 million of our dollars each, without giving any instructions on how to use them or what to do with them. So the three individual-recipients got to choose what they were going to do. If you know the story, two of them invested them and doubled the money. But one was fearful and hid it under a rock. When the master returned, he was so pleased with the two who invested his money and gave them more to be in charge of. He wasn't so happy with the fearful man who did nothing with the money.

As our pastor preached on, pointing out some key words and phrases in the passage, it became apparent that the master wanted the individuals to use their creativity and initiative to do something good and useful with what they were given. And that these talents were not just given to them. They were "entrusted" to each of them. The master trusted each of these individuals to use and care well for what belonged to him.

All this is so exciting to me! I'm eager to get as well as I can. I have a new earnestness to pray that the Lord heal me however He desires (whatever "healing" looks like to Him). I want to serve. I want to help the hurting. I want to be in people's lives again, but in a new way. And I would like to as soon as He allows me to be able.

Serving would have looked different had my body not become so very sick. I may well have pursued what I thought were great ideas, but without seeking to know my Master's heart for my service. In His great mercy, He halted all my ideas and plans and called me to His side for 4, going on 5 months. What a kind and loving God. How loved I am that He would even bother!

And if He loves me like this, so He loves you! I'm nothing special, except that each of us is special! As my friend Lora once said about herself, meaning it, "I'm God's favorite!" And then said that actually we each are:)

May we each know what's been entrusted to us, use and multiply it for good through our creativity and initiative, and receive the joy that comes only by serving others!

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