Monday, January 30, 2012


I'm glad I got the anger out in my last blog! That is a dark pit that's probably healthy to visit on occasion, but not to set up shop in. It's time to lighten up!

I melted down last Wednesday when Greg went out of town (really, this does lighten!). I almost like to meltdown most days, because it's so refreshing on the other side of the tears! I found I had two very eager companions desiring to share my burden. My dog Addie ran to my side and fixed her sweet eyes on me, not leaving me until my tears dried up.

When crawling into bed that night, Asher jumped up to join me (Greg was out of town, so he took liberty to keep that side of the bed warm). Usually independent and keeping an arms reach distance, he laid his head right next to mine. And if you've seen him, he has a huge head. As I wrestled out loud with the pain, even he let out a huge sigh. Maybe he wished I would be quiet so he could sleep, but it felt compassionate! I sensed even through the dogs, God's significant gentleness and comfort. And I gratefully drifted off to sleep.

This is a dog who needs some comfort....gotta watch!

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