Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I think we're getting somewhere with this body. Oh my. To not talk about it will be a joy! (Don't you agree? Thanks for YOUR endurance!) This seems like such a long process. The timeframe doesn't really matter, except that I talk on and on about it and it gets in the way of what would feel like a meaningful life.

Dr. Silva believes I'm on a normal and good track towards health. That the bumps in the road are normal for coming off of prednisone and restarting my adrenal glands. That's so reassuring, since any little step back could otherwise make me think the sky is falling. It's a several week process and stepping back more slowly this week from this drug is helping. Crazy!! I was never interested in this stuff, but so glad for professionals who are and know what to do!

The fact that I've been busy is a good thing, and really quite a miracle considering that 2 months ago I had only 50% physical capacity! With Michelle's baby shower, Michelle & Rich visiting us until today (food, games, reading, walking some), going back and forth to Salem for the acupuncture treatments, and learning/practicing a new way of cooking, my life feels more useful than before. However.............I would never ever trade anything for all the Lord's taught me and all He's shown me of Himself. I aim to daily take Jesus' yoke on me and learn from Him, the One who is gentle and humble in heart, and I will find rest for my soul. I long to seek Him the rest of my life....

Father, You are. And You are all I need. Jesus, I seek to know you more. I desire to love you with my all. Holy Spirit, please help me.

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