Thursday, March 8, 2012


We had to take our Bouvier dog to the vets again today. His surgery from a few months ago in his abdomen is failing to heal and then stay healed.

Greg calls Asher from wherever he is lounging in order to take a look. Asher comes to him without much hesitation and rolls over without being asked. I watch how this dog's veterinarian-wanna-be dad gently cleans his continually opening wounds, not something that is pleasurable I'm sure for this boy. Today, the call from dad was to get in the car without his buddy dog....certainly a sign by this time that something is up and it's not going to be so good. Then to follow his master into the vet office, go into the exam room, and obey everyone poking and prodding him. Only to be stuffed in a small cage to wait another surgical operation.

If only Asher could see the big picture. Then he'd know it's all worth the pain and will be good on the other side of healing.

"I can fit everything into a pattern for good, but only to the extent that you trust Me. Every problem can teach you something, transforming you into the masterpiece I created you to be. The very same problem can become a stumbling block over which you fell, if you act with distrust and defiance. The choice is up to you, and you will have to choose many times each day whether to trust or defy Me.

The best way to befriend your problems is to thank Me for them. This simple act opens your mind to the possibility of benefits flowing from your difficulties."

March 16, Jesus Calling

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