Thursday, March 1, 2012


The Israelites followed God witnessing & experiencing miracles, provision, and the pillar of smoke and fire, yet they readily abandoned Him to a homemade gold cow after just 40 days of Moses' absence. Peter walked with Jesus 3 years, seeing and even doing miracles. Yet when he was up against a wall, He denied Jesus outrightly to protect his own fearful skin.

So if these who walked in the visible presence of the Lord found themselves faithless, how do I stand a chance of faithfulness to love and obey Jesus? It's actually easy when I'm sick and desperate, but what if I get well and up to speed again?

"Sit at my feet every morning, and you will have power and ability to walk with Me during your day," He answered my heart's cry. 

I can do that. Not depend on me, but on His daily "manna" provision of truth and light.

"The lamps on the pure gold lamp stand before the Lord must be attended continually." Lev. 24:4
'Continually: repeated frequently in the same way; without interruption.

What a Provider You are Jesus! I eagerly sit at Your feet, taking Your yoke on me every morning, and learning from you, You who are gentle and humble at heart. Thank You.

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